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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Magical Boredom

Got up mad because the maintenance came to clean the a/c. Of course, I had to force myself to clean up when they left. Arghh...that was a not so good morning to me. Now, my boredom strikes again that I feel like I don't wanna do the same things over and over again, don't wanna see the same stuff around my room and even the people I meet along the hallways, including having coffee in the cafe in our campus. This isn't a good sign...


Dear Panther,

Hope you're havin a wonderful here at the traditional, white metal bench in front of the study hall enjoying the cool wind which blows my dry skin. Love the sound of how it gently gets into my quite hot tempered imagination tonight. Oh by the way, dunno what those insects are...but I bet they're too tiny yet they get my attention with their loud, creaking sound from the yellow branches of those trees in the garden. Awesome isn't it? Ah no, it makes me lonely because sitting alone makes me think about you....more and more. Hugs n kisses to you and the campers. Lots of luv from me,too.

Your 134th song is: Let's Stay Together by Al Green 

Photo of the day: Boredom

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