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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Her First Sweets

May 11, Sunday

Was supposed to be in HIF, but I was really flat that all I could do was to cuddle my Teddy and wish I could hug my mom as it was Mother's Day. Anyway, I called her the other day and she was happy...

Your 128th song: If You Were Here Tonight by Alexander O'neal

"I badly missed Panther, too..but I knew he had something really important to attend to. He has been more tied up lately, yet he manages to give me his time. Hugs and Kisses to you and the campers from Teddy and more chocolate muffins from me."

Photo of the Day: Lovinni's First Dinner in Vietnam

May 12th, Monday

First Day at School

Yeah, I only had to teach for one slot which was 1.5hrs and deep inside me I felt like getting fed up with the job. Anyhow, am still counting all my blessings and have included this as one of them. Thank God for the Holy Spirit, for guiding me, and for giving my family, Panther and all my loved ones good health, love, strength and wisdom. 

Your 129th song: Sweet Love by Anita Baker

"Will always be here no matter what...stay foot and remember that there's always light at the end of the tunnel. Lots of luv from Susan and tight hugs from Teddy and kisses from us to the campers!"

Photo of the Day: Her First Sweets in Vietnam

May 13th, Tuesday

First day with Summit 2 Students (three slots T.T. )

I could feel that my students were darn exhausted attending 3 slots of general English and I thought it was definitely a torture and or information overload on their part. Definitely, after CELTA teaching was a lot easier but still, I couldn't do anything when students get really tired after 2 slots. Arghhhh

Oh, had dinner in Ally with Duc Anh and Toan because the police raided the Bun shops in front of our university. Dammit! 

Your 130th song: You're the Best Thing by Style Council

Photo of the day: Her First Evening Stroll with the Locals (btw the girl in the pic isn't Lovinni  LOL!)

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