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Monday, 5 May 2014

Am SUPER Behind My Blogs

Arrghh been really behind my blogs and am trying to catch up...

TO Panther,

Thanks for bearing with me...HHUHU for all those hectic and tough days, you didn't fail me. You're always in prayers and in my heart and thoughts. Lots of love from me and Teddy! 

April 30, 2014 Wednesday

Was stuck at home staring at my brother's cherry mobile waiting for an update from the owner of the property that was supposed to be surveyed by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources's engineer. Sad to say, he called really late and told me it wouldn't be done until the 2nd of May.

Panther's  117th song: Have I Told You Lately by Van Morisson

Photo of the Day: You Know the Way to My Heart
Photo credits: Panther

May 1st Thursday 

Since this is the second of the town's fiesta for St. Joseph, people were really busy and it was impossible to have any work done. So there I was hopeless again that I would be able to finish my errand before I leave CEBU the next day. Well, to save the "Labor Day", I tried to pack up for the trip back to Vietnam because I knew it would be a long trip. 

Panther's 118th song: “(You’re My) Soul and Inspiration” – The Righteous Brothers

Photo of the Day: 

May 2nd to May 3rd 2014, Friday

I had to talk to the property owner the last minute because it seemed that the plan was postponed again. OMG...anyhow I made the deal for next Saturday but I was really tired because I had to leave at 1pm and we finished the chitchat at 12noon. That was really insane... to cut the story short, I arrived the city centre at 530pm and gulped the tasteless chai tea from Coffee Bean and left for the International Airport for my domestic flight at 630pm. 

AND to make things worse, the domestic flight was almost an hour delayed...gosh! Well, I safely arrived in Manila Intl Terminal 2 and had to spend 550 pesos on the taxi to Terminal 3 for my flight to Saigon. I waited at the airport until 3am to check in for my 650am flight on the 3rd of May. I was really exhausted and I was very thankful Panther was with me on the phone. 

That flight was awful because I hadn't slept since I left my town the other day...obviously I almost passed out that I couldn't even see the boxes of the immigration form I was filling out. HUHU...well I survived until I boarded the plane.

Do you wanna know what happened next? Yes, arrived in Saigon at 820am and had to hurry to the domestic check-in for my 1020am flight to Ha Noi. Finally, I was in My Dinh at 130pm. BUT my agony didn't end there because as soon as I opened my the door of my tiny dorm, it wasn't only dirty full of shoe marks but also messed up. Woaaa... resting early was just a dream! 

Panther's 119th song: You Make Loving Fun by Fleetwood Mac

Photo of the Day: Just Keep Swinging

Panther's 120th song: Do You Believe in Magic by The Lovin Spoonful 

"I love you for who you are, will always believe in magic for you are the one who brought it to me."

Photo of the Day: Patience


May 4th, 2014 Sunday

I thought I'd be able to go to church this morning....but because I was drained since Friday, I didn't make it to HIF today. So, I managed to rest as much as I could and had bun cha in front of the school gate for brunch. 

AND for dinner? Well...I a glass of cold Vietnamese milk coffee and potato fries here in Ally cafe. No worries, am fine because at least I could upload large files to my blogger unlike the internet in the Philippines. 

Panther's  121st song: Love You Inside and Out by the Bee Gees

Photo of the Day: Waiting for my Luv to Explore the World 

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