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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Photo of the Day

Sunday- May 18th, 2014

It was sort of a PMS day with that horrible monthly irritation...and thought it was a part of growing older. Ouch, really?! Again, I wasn't able to go to church because I wasn't feeling well. In the rainy and stormy afternoon, there was a power cut off for a few hours and it was a nightmare because I couldn't go down to eat. I had to make do with the almost expired chocolate powder and a cup of crunchy muesli I bought two weeks ago. In the end, I survived despite the hungry tummy.

Your 135th song is: The Book of Love by The Magnetic Fields

Hey you Panther,

My apologies for being a crybaby haha...ouch promise I won't do it again, not again no matter how rough the day is. Miss you lots, sending lots of love from me and Teddy and hugs n kisses to the campers. 

Photo of the Day: Don't You Ever Hide Your Lovely Face


Monday- May 19th, 2014

Woke up with a heavy head and a diarrhea as a result of not having a good meal yesterday. I still had to go school at 4pm and was a bit sad because of some very personal reasons. My tears were about to flow down the leather couch of the library where I was seated. I didn't feel better until midnight...not until I finished praying and made sure I cast all my burdens to the Lord. 

Your 136th song: Jesus Takes the Wheel by Carrie Underwood

"You thought I won't believe you praying... that was the best day ever when you sincerely humbled yourself for my safety."  Hugsss

Photo of the Day: The Stranger


Tuesday- May 20th, 2014

Life is tough, but once a new sun  sneaks on my glass windows, life must go on and there is always a must to smile and be positive for the rest of the day. 

Today, isn't a bad day and will never happiness depends on how I control my emotions and how I treat life starting at this very moment. No way, I'd take it seriously again...I can't promise I'll never cry though, but at least am learning as days kindly and quickly pass by. 

Yeah, I got my students some light "scolding"...hoping that they'd learn something and realize that nothing is difficult if they'd only try harder to be more patient and excited on the things that might challenge them. Hix...rough but will go ahead and finish one more slot. 

Your 137th song is: Less Talk More Action by John Maus

"Can we try to talk more and more action at the same time, too? " Lots of loveeeeeeeee  from safe always our dear Panther. Hugssss

Photo of the Day:Beyond Imagination

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