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Monday, 22 July 2013

The Big Clean

Mr. Afternoon Nap

"When you started talking, I knew you weren't from the place coz your English is perfect. " She wasn't paying attention- "Oh god, please I can't go home without the other pair of my favorite slippers." What was that? Oh nooo, all she could hear was Jon speculating that a kid might have had sniped it from her.  It was 2pm, and the place was deserted. She was pre-occupied losing hope someone could find it for her. A few guys were left to clean up the area, after a long day for the "Big Clean" project. Everyone had an awesome day with the kids at the pagoda. Anyhow, she wasn't the kind to give up that easily. After 10 minutes, she heard Cuong shouting, "Hey, I found it!"  You saved her life and that made her believe in super heroes. Since it was about time to head home, they settled on sharing the photos via facebook but unfortunately, she didn't have any. "Ok, I got an idea, you keep the SD card and return it to me whenever possible." "Oh ok, but if you wish to take more photos, feel free and I'll get it later." That was so nice of him, but she insisted to give him the card.  He agreed with a smile which could change her whole world. It was time for her to pack up, and get back to reality. As she started walking, Mr. T invited her for "tra chanh" or lemon tea.   She nodded, wondering where and how could she get to the place. While waiting for Mr T, she had fun having a small talk with Mr. Afternoon Nap. "Uhmmm what's your name again?" "I am very bad at names so I always have to ask for it at least two times." He was awesome, she thought. Oopss, please don't take her heart away! In a few seconds, she just realized that she was riding on his motorbike. God, I knew how she felt. A glass of lemon tea quenched their thirst while sharing random stories with one another.  She found out that he was a Canadian root who grew up in Thailand but couldn't speak Thai.  He had been in Ha Noi for two weeks as an engineering intern. Those words sounded like sweet whispers to her as she was mesmerized by his perfect teeth, soulful eyes, and eyebrows which were delicately painted under his forehead.  What was she thinking?! Obviously, she couldn't get enough of him. How about Mr. T? I heard that she used to be crazy about him. Was she having an amnesia? Who knows? By the way, did she call Him Mr. Afternoon Nap? Weird!   "Guys, I have to go, I need to take my afternoon nap."  

Then she took a cab home. 

P/S: That was the first time she talked to him,  but it seems like she can write a page about him. 


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