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Friday, 26 July 2013

The Missing Piece

When I hopped on the Exciter, you started falling from those wrothful cumulonimbus ahead of us while Thắng was on a 70kph  trying to race against each droplet. As soon as we arrived the coffee shop, the bartender handed us a snifter of avocado smoothie, a punch of blue Hawaiian cocktail, and a mug of hot Vietnamese traditional drip coffee. Sitting by the glass wall was the best time to  reminisce the old me...I meant someone told me  that I wasn't the person he knew before- people change and so do I.  

It was pitched dark outside, and all I could see from the glazy glass was the silhouette of every heart beat wishing you were here with me.  The howling thunder, and the strike of the tearing lightning didn't scare the hell out of my shadow.   Instead, it gave me the nerves to jump off the couch, and looked for your cherubic smile from each liquid formed on the ground into tiny drops of hopes.  

Sigh...I couldn't find even the meager of your angelic smell. At dawn, I will try my luck to follow that long and weaving road going nowhere, hoping I could feel your warmth from the four-leaf clover dew on my way. Before dusk, I will be home with your missing piece I had been longing for to fill in my emotional emptiness. And  yes, I'm in love with you Mr. Afternoon Nap. 


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