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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Itchy Feet

 Passport, boarding pass, camera, and cash are all I need to complete my domestic travels. But the most heartening fact of every trip is the whet of traditional Vietnamese noodles. A bowl of Mì Quảng for lunch never satisfies my voracity nor a vessel of "bún mam" to call it a night.  The central part of Vietnam such as Da Nang or the nearby Quang Nam provinces have the excellent mouth-watering, long-established way of serving these noodles, that I would give my eye teeth to sate my avidity. 

The truth is, the moment I get off the plane, I could feel the sweet blow of zephyr saying, "welcome home".   It is worth spending a fortune wandering around the city from dawn to dusk.  Every visit is a surprise as it never fails to give butterflies in my stomach. Well, leaving is the most harrowing part of each memorable  and extraordinary jaunt as it breaks my heart saying goodbye to friends, streets, foods, beaches, beautiful landscapes, and the whole venture. 

Reality bites, I'm back to where I am supposed to fabricate my  future wanderlusts. "Hasta La Vista" my one and only Da Nang. 

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