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Saturday, 27 July 2013

My Bad


Hate the feeling of how monsters consume your large intestines before exams? You're not alone kid. Yes, I knew how it feels. From afar, I could overhear someone saying, "Oh sh*t, she's the proctor!" Deep inside my heart was feasting, yeah you're dead." (evil laugh) 

It was only 730am and everyone was  half awake.   Last night (or should I say, "this morning"),  I gave myself a chance to go to bed as early as 2am. Not bad, wasn't it? Ooppss  my stomach was protesting, "feed me or it would be an armageddon"!  Ok, don't worry I will stuff you with an egg and pate sandwich today.  The last bite seemed to be really hearty-and the "catchword" began.  

A few questionnaires were answered when a familiar face sat right the 1500 angle from my seat.  Oh yeah, he was one of the boys most girls in the campus are crazy about.  No further explanation-drives an SH, perfect fit, tan, tall, makes most of the goals in football, and smells sugar-coated you can't get enough of it. 
"Which of the following type of  company would you prefer to work for? -a large multinational company,-a small or medium-sized family business, -a trendy new high-tech corporation?" "Shoot it hon," said the ceiling fan. "No, I bet he is too bashful to open his mouth!", I murmured.  Guess I am not going to give you any clue. Forget it! 

Thanks to Ally Coffee for the crispy, tasty pork ribs and veggies for lunch. In twenty minutes, another speaking test would start in a sleety, empty classroom. Ok, "I will repeat the question, blah blah..." tryin to maintain the British demeanor so as not to sound like the "minions".   My apologies, I couldn't help but give some of them a backslide.   Anyway, instead of feeling sorry for some who whimpered because of being in the bottom,  I just gloated  my milk tea wickedly! 

Language teaching is the most fulfilling and modest careers in the world of innocent cuddies! Haha


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