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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Dead-End Drift

Dead-End Drift

The LONGEST day ever! 

Dazzled- "I just woke up, it's unworkable to get myself ready in a minute so better ask someone to do it instead".  Gosh, how many times have I told them never send me emails in Vietnamese! And do I always have to nudge them to prompt me at least a day before proctoring?  These guys get into my nerves, very unprofessional and yet they always blame you for not showing up.    How could you stand these kinds of staff?   It feels like tossing off an early  caller when you knew that you weren't expecting a  ring from anyone.  Tell you what,  my sister has to make an appointment before she lures coz she knows that a nocturnal never picks up a "ding" in the morning. 

Ok, since I couldn't get back to sleep,  I made a quick shower and went down for a nosh-up with my all time favorite tranquilizer-"hot ginger tea" while preparing for the 930am Business English exams. I was having tantrums, and I easily got ticked off with students who tried to copy answers from others. "If you don't stop I'll get your ID, and send you out! So , you'd better shut up!"  Oh God, it wasn't me really...but I couldn't help it. 

After a "shady"  tiffin in the canteen, I went up to bundle up for my three-hour language class. While I was opening my closet to find a loose-fitting shirt, I got an unheralded sms, " Hey Lady, How are you doing? Are you doing well? You've not been talkative recently." At the back of my mind I was like, "urghh yeah because I guess you're a bit crass so I chose to blog my day-to-day vanilla sentiments".  

The story doesn't end that heart went "boom-boom-boom" coz my cramping fate has come,  Ahhhhh, I lost the  bet! Alright, yeah I gambled with a friend-if "he" doesn't send me any "ni hao" before I go off the deep end down south, "she" would get a free trip to Bali.  End of the story! 


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