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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Ageless Passion

"Chase down your passion like it's the last bus of the night." ~Terri Guillemets

" So what if I couldn't take the last bus of the night? I can patiently wait until the next day", she thought. I know exactly how childish she might be to the extent that her first blog was so "high school".  Mind you, she was very proud of it that she sent her close friends the link and forced them to read it asap! Oh,  I think I'm trying to derail you, we won't be talking about how silly she is. 

I'm 32 in a few months time...not ready for anything yet.  No enough savings, hates being called "grandma", not seeing anyone  but is "comme il faut"  at daydreaming about Mr Afternoon Nap.   "Don't worry about tomorrow, let it worry itself." This is always my sort of an "excuse" for being juvenile.  I mean everything is just a number! At my early 30s, I knew that it's the perfect time to make a difference.  Passion it is!   I have been a frustrated guitarist, an artist, a journalist, and a photographer.  Yesterday wasn't so late to start giggling, blogging, cloud chasing, and staying up late filling out those backbreaker scholarship forms online. Well, who cares? I'm single and amazing! You think she's trying to race against the odds and the impossible? For her nothing is futile. She's a superwoman! 

Each day is a gift from God.  I always believe that He commands my destiny, and He shapes my future. All I need to do is to follow Him, though it would be most likely "unusual." 

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