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Monday, 29 July 2013

Blazing Winter Moth

Blazing  Winter Moth

Thrusts resemble the ambitious wolly bear
Sores my heart like a kissing bug
Pollinates fragile spring pear flower
And buries your shade in the emptiness you dug

Handcuffs my rimy hand in your pocket
While I wish for the stars
And feeds the bonfire in the icy bucket
Your warmth saves me from a thousand burglars

Whispers my favorite lullaby
As you snore for the night
I thought it was goodbye
The cup of bitter sweet memories are kept as I  sleep tight

Our dreams are doodled in the morning fog
Beg you be truthful to your promises
Though dusk tells me to roll the log
Towards the river of tears and disappointments

Pay attention to the bumble bee in the scorching sun
In the frosty hopes that are withered through time
Asking the bluebottle to light my selfish desires  as I run
To the hidden comb where you ring the blazing bridal chime


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