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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Be My Travel Buddy!

Be My Travel Buddy


Was soaking wet as I strolled around the local wet market of the town.  Then spotted this inviting street art on a rainy Tuesday afternoon.  If you haven't been to Vietnam I bet you should pay a visit if you need a plunge of ethnical gratification.   As I jumped off the Exciter, I asked how much did it cost for a bouquet  of red my surprise  it costs only 28k vnd or a dollar each. 

Since I was little, I had been in loved with my older brother's garden of red roses. I could still recall how he sprinkles  them as soon as the sun glistens while inhaling the salty yet minty breeze of the ocean.  Yes, thought that was a paradise as we live by the sweet pinkish pebble beach a few meters away from home.  Life was simple back then, but I never realize how precious it was to have such a beauty around, not until I moved to the mega city. 

Despite the ups and downs, I can say that it's my fate to explore Vietnam. The country from the top, to the middle and down south has it's unique cultural and physical charm. My itchy feet have already marked thousands of footprints in the midmost and the northern parts of its map. Obviously, my upcoming kick offs down south have been carefully fabricated as of a blacksmith who religiously forge and bend each weapon for the most awaited battle. 
Well,  I can proudly tell you that each leap gives me various lessons-emotional, physical, cultural, educational, and most of all hardens my appetite. Everybody knows that I'm horrible at cooking, but I'm a crazy Vietnamese-noodle lover. 

Ok, let's go back to where what I was supposed to share with you. Most of the trails or alleys in the country look like those msyterious  yet culturally rich wall paintings of all time.  They are simply amazing! I can't get enough of my drifts  on the avenues, cities, villages, pavements, dead ends which are adorned by the busy, exclusive locals of the area.  

Come join me in my next ventures  down south this spring! 

Yours Truly,


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