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Friday, 26 July 2013

Shutter Speed Friday

"Summer has come and passed. The innocent can never last.  Wake me up when September ends."-    "wake up or you'll be late", says the alarm.  Oh well, I should be glad it's Friday! 

If you have gotten up with eyes wide open as of an owl, then bravo, I salute you!     Imagine dragging yourself in front of the sink's tiny, muzzy mirror, counting how many pimples have gone, or how much wrinkles have you gained in a few days time, or thinking of not washing your hair because you're too lazy to dry it, and or feeling puzzled whether the glass of water you're holding is half-empty or half-full. 

In the next few hours, you'll find yourself in front of the class with a blanch, lifeless facial expressions telling you, " No Hablo Ingles".  Alright, please understand that it's Friday and everyone wants to set the shutter as fast as they could.  It's bleak staring at the virtual clock in front of you as it doesn't have hands which would move according to your speed limit!   "Is it broken?" 

Once you open your mouth, these ears can only clutch the first and the last words they expect you to utter, "Go---Home".  Let's call it a day.  But these guys hold the magic wand,  so my wish is their command. No objections and or violent reactions, please. Come and enjoy the ride, let's work together, get the perfect coalescense of "exposure settings" to come up with a more artistic value, and believe that everyday is a Friday. Your life doesn't depend on how winged can you count days from Mondays to Sundays, rather it's on how you keep your life's shutter speed limits for overall success. 

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