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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Faith Factor

Faith Factor 

Harsh, raspy, strained voice-this is what I got after dancing with the rain last night. Despite the unwieldy feeling, I managed to clock in the Sunday worship in Ha Noi International Fellowship.  An hour travel by bus on a showery Sunday from my dormitory to the church didn't matter coz it's His love which makes me happier, cheerful, stronger and most of all steadfast.  

"In Christ's resurrection, there is redemption.  We all receive the same price at the end.  Living by faith isn't about perfect situations. God uses imperfect but "faithful" people", the young pastor Manuel explained.  The sermon hit on me that I was still on the soft seat-thinking about how truthful God is. I suddenly lifted my hands to Him-"Lord I offer my life to you, as a living sacrifice." All I had was mixed emotions believing that He has great things in store for me." 

The past few days turned into tough, emotional months of challenges as I gawk  at every corner of my crib.  Bitterness, grudges, anger, hopelessness, self-pity, revenge.  But tell you what, when I unfastened my lens sack this morning,  I was so grateful I was still alive and kicking, realizing how He has been with me through the most sturdy walks of my life. He never leaves! 

Faith is fair! After the worship, people went on their own blessed and unruffled.  As soon as I kicked myself out of the lift, I saw the racing raindrops as seen from the glass door. Oh Uh, summer storms are on their way.  Hopefully it would subside in a few minutes-but the crackling sound of each drop just gave me false hopes. 

 Then I decided to pick up a piece of chocolate cookie from a nearby coffee shop.  While I was at the counter, I saw a familiar shade-her obviously droopy feet had been waiting for the rain to sober. Since I would take a cab to Vpresso, I decided to drop her off the bus station on my way.  She was about to get out of the cab when I heard a soft voice telling me to lend her my umbrella.  I wrestled, "No, I got a flu and I also have to walk later to catch a bus on my way home." Oh, yes I gave her what she needed, and I learned that it was having the faith that later this afternoon, the skies would be as bright as the most sumptuous and precious gold in the universe.


She's not religious nor a devout believer but she always falls for the fact that faith is personal and in every prayer, God is behind. Have a blesseed Sunday! 


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