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Friday, 26 July 2013

Red Sneaker Stepmother

Yeah you- I meant you, tell you what-standing still and staring at me for hours  don't make sense. And that dull, boring look makes me feel like a groggy fairy godmother! Ok, I guess I should do something. 

While my attention was on the smudgy, eye-soring shoe rack in front of me, I decided to spend my day off sorting the light colors from the darker ones so it wouldn't look like a sloppy christmas tree decors on a Halloween. From Seanny's chucks to my big sister's pumps down to my red white high top canvas. I'm not a perfectionist, but I guess there was something missing in the rack. Then , I thought of filling in the gap with a pair of  "Converse Men's All Star Print Hi Red", and another pair of "All Star Ox Toddler Red". Flawless! 

As I was about to switch the channel, I heard a familiar ringtone.  "Hey baby, I have just sent you a gorgeous, pink pair of sneakers"! What?! "Oh, that's so sweet of you baby!"  Please tell me, I'm not excited for those pink stuff from Alaska. Yes, pink is my color, too.  On the other corner of the study table, are ruddy classic "Swatch" and some scarlet handmade bracelets.  Am I trapped in a world where I could only see crimson skies instead of blue? 

"Hey, Stefan stop playing with the sand"! "Go get fresh and call your dad for lunch." Yes, mom", he replied.  Was that for real? He called me mom? Well, you're right. I don't know where his "veteran" mom is. "And don't forget my "cherry" flipflops as well as your dad's carmine baseball cap." The Carribean escapade has come true.  

It's not easy to be a wife nor a "red sneaker stepmother".  

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