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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Four Corners

Stuck in a round baler dumping a freshly rolled hay bale clueless, heartsick and overwhelmed...asking where on earth she could see the blue skies of her dreams . Is there someone on a honeymoon in Maldives she can swap a night with right now?  Or a cool friend who could take her to Bali for free? She feels like she's just a poor kitten who couldn't get out of her shadow's shoe box. "Poor me!" 

Thinking about the "four corners" is a nightmare for someone who wants adventure, adrenalin rush, romantic sceneries, classical music, movies like "51st Dates", or Venice maybe a perfect getaway! By the way, she will never admit that she believes in fairy tales. Uh oh! No worries, nobody would know-it's a secret between you and the four corners of those sausages you're having for dinner.   Haha why so serious?! Chances are,  she would object to the fact that only her room has four corners. Ok, enough with the number and the corners.  Whatever! 

Look, shes not a bum, she's pretty, her heart beats fast with rage when he doesn't call her, she can stuff her belly with every dish she wants while people around her are fasting. She's fine, isn't she? It's just that she's not in the place where she thinks she must be in. There's something inside her soul telling her to run away from her present-forcing her to escape behind bars, but on the other hand her unconscious self is cuddling her to slow down and breathe.  Don't worry, she will be fine. One fine day, she will wake up with a pocket of love, hope, courage to take the craziest leap in life, and a trip to Bali! 

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