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Monday, 29 July 2013

Give me a hand-I'm down in the Dumps :(

Give me a Hand-I'm down in the dumps :( 

Wearing fake smiles, giggles, on that obviously pale face in front of your students makes me an award-winning actor! 

Today isn't my day! I'm in class right now-yeah I am a language teacher and guess what I am fed up with what I'm doing.  Can someone cheer me up for being broken-hearted? Seriously, got a horrible headache, soar throat, yet I must do my job.  Blogging, travelling, or maybe doing some sort of photo journalism is what my heart wants to do. 

"Motivation"-you're impossible! Oh God, I don't mean diffusing  negative vibes on a Monday.  Imagine having your English book, a smart phone and a cup of hot ginger tea on the teacher's table while asking your students to do their group activities coz you're dizzy and they can hardly hear your raspy voice.  This is quite frustrating! 


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