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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Blog and Brag

Blog and Brag 

Let me  take this opportunity to blog and brag about my one and only "Exciter". Your guesstimate might be right-so give yourself hurrahs.  In case, you don't have any idea of who he really is, then give me the green light to knock him down briefly.

He is simply our happiness anytime of the day, a superhero on stormy nights, a knight in fairy tales, and Thao Tiny's apple of the eye.  Hold on I remember something-"I'm always his brave back rider"! There are no curves, rocky roads as he swifts along the pavements.  If you were able to patiently follow my kiddie blogs, you would know that "photography" is one of my frustrations, and recently, I have been hooked up with Mr. Afternoon Nap-can't stop writing. So I make sure that I take random shots after work. This afternoon, we decided to take the unusual way and I spotted a rufescent lid.  At the drop of a hat, the shutter started rolling until it caught "Exciter's" endemic  hee-haw.   When I got home, my tablet was ready to share how other people's sweeping shade of hopes and inspirations reach until the roseate smother. 

Oh uh what are you thinking?  No, he's not my boyfriend nor a biological brother, nor a son coz I'm still single...and I'm not in favor of pre-marital sex. Haha you know what I mean. Ok, he's one of those lovely people around whom I can always count on emotionally, physically, and "technically". Guess what I don't even have his name in my contacts but we manage to meet "halfway" especially during a square meal, and ends the night with  weird "tea" talks about each other's day. Little did anyone know that this makes me younger everyday. 

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