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Friday, 6 December 2013

Good Morning Balls


Class "Summit 2.4" decided to take a day off this afternoon, so I had a chance to shop around for some small things for Christmas! Well, I thought I would be able to buy a magic "blender" for my fruits as I have been dreaming of getting one because I have problems eating them raw... my stomach don't like any of them. Funny, because I ended up purchasing a 125ml citrus juicer! Woaaaaa... and the most silly thing I did was to drop by at the book shop for small "balls" because I am going to use them in my "good morning balls" activity to make my kids awake first thing in the cold mornings...but I ended up having them as part of my "top-of-the-fridge" holiday decor together with the pink scented candles, teapot, my mug collections, and of course "Haruki's" tour de force. 


the Gardens Shopping center

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