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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Just Me and The Little Pink Panther

Preparing for the Christmas Eve

My prayers:

Lord, thank you for all the blessings that you've given to me especially health, life, family, friends and job. Sometimes, I am very ungrateful and stubborn but You haven't given up on me...and that's the only thing that keeps me going. I love you Jesus.  Please grant me peace, serenity and the love of my life as well as my friends anywhere in this world full of wonders and surprises.  

My wish?
---To spend the next Christmas with my family back in the Philippines. God keep them safe and sound. 

How did I spend my day before the Eve?

First, I had Al Fresco's chicken-wing barbecue, spaghetti bolognese and then I looked around the Garden's shopping center for some photos because I was so curious how Vietnamese celebrate Christmas, and I found out that they just love to window shop, take many photos with the glittering Christmas tree in the middle of the shopping mall, and young adults wear mini skirts without stockings even if it's cold. Then well, the same story... dropped by Highlands coffee for my Hazelnut jelly, spent at least an hour getting some laughs with the panther in HangOut...and then headed to the mini mart nearby for Sparkling wine, cheese and chocolates.  Lastly, kicked in the bakers for a "Panther" cake and some bread.  Later I will be spending my Christmas Eve with the boys next door, Minh and Duy...for some ga rang muoi and xoi to complete the sweets that I got. 

P/S:  Hugs to the Panther and to my brother Baby Duck!

Here are some shots! Enjoy...