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Saturday, 28 December 2013


Thanks Panther ;)

That feeling when you're on your own with a bottle of Russian sparkling wine with Maroon 5...dancing like there's no tomorrow, worrying nothing,this-is-freedom indeed! It has been a long time since I feel like I am sooo "literally" alone but not now because I have learned my lessons. "Take it easy", my love,  life goes on and on and on... until the right "chapter" comes along with a promise of never-ending love and content. 

Well, oh yeah my eyes are shutting down...that I can barely see the alphabet on my keyboard but I am sober enough to express how happy I have been. There's always no reason to be happy, it is just all about how you handle life when it is on its worst. Something like you can freely turn your speakers on to its maximum volume in the middle of the night and sing to its beat and tune until you're hoarse. Life has never knocked me down because I bet I am strong enough to appreciate the simplest things that make me whole again. Those tough times, well... I will get even with them someday, Hahaha! 

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