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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Back to Summer Fairy Tales

My Movie

Gosh, it was really frustrating not to be able to watch "Before Sunrise" as I couldn't find it online... I meant what was that??? What the heck was going on? How could they make "Before Sunset " as well as "Before Midnight" available online and left the supposed to be seen first before those "sequels"? Ahhh..this is nettling! 

No...I am overreacting because this is my movie...I was Celine and Jhonnie was "Jesse"! There I go again, daydreaming. Yes it seems like everything in that movie, "Before Sunrise" was so meaningful that it got through my funny bones tickling from the inside to the veins towards my heart, knocking on the "mean" guy's insensitive heartbeat since he left Vietnam. Honestly, I sob at times, because as time pass by I feel like I am not that important to him. Well, I can't blame him for doing so because we... yes "us" had just met and felt each other's arms  for a day. This is reality, you can never compare it to any movies... we are on the 21st century where all means of communications online are very accessible and there wouldn't be any excuses that someone can't even say "hello" for he is busy or something. And... because of this, I feel like I have been neglected and most likely been treated as an option. It's no ones fault for me feeling this way... I think I must stop thinking and if we are meant to be... then time will come when  our souls would meet again.

But hell yeahh.. I miss him so much even if I know for sure that not even my shadow "troubled" his routines. Sigh...sad in some ways, but I have to accept it that one day, he might totally forget me. Uhmm the best thing to do is to let my tears flow until it gets through the next summer of fairy tales. 

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