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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Defunct "Vietnamese" Discman

He Gets Into My Nerves

If being "conceited" kills, I wouldn't have a job now. Alright, how many times have I been grumbling about how rough and ill-mannered some Vietnamese students are. I am so exhausted...I had to be professional, though I was already "insulted". "This won't be forever", I bet. 

Let me describe this jerk to you... and ohh  he called me "silly" too! 

First, he is doomed with his being arrogant, paranoid and rude. He thought he had the right to tell the teacher the way he wanted her to check the attendance because he was good enough to express his bullshit opinion in English. Second, he is nothing but a dumb, non-sense walkie-talkie, trapped in the "defunct" discman waiting for a psychopath to pick him up. Third, his intonation and pronunciation suck...I couldn't even figure out which accent was that, yet he was too proud of himself. Fourth, he is simply a "plain", stinky-headed kid who thought that he could understand the English humor perfectly, when in fact he interpreted every joke literally according to what each image showed. Isn't he pathetically ridiculous?! Fifth, just because he went to an English language school, he already believed that he was the best student in class, and thought that he would be able to impress me with his worthless, bumptious attitude. Sixth, he always showed me that he was a lot better than others that he could even be much more intellectual than his "humble" lecturer. Seventh, at the end of the day, I could only "pray" for him that one day, he would be able to respond to me in a "sophisticated" way because I'm fed up with his being too "shoddy" and tawdry. Finally... I shouldn't stoop down to his level because he is nothing but a vain, egotistical "holy cow" with the latest smartphone stuck on his slimy forehead. 

Hey... no worries I already got a remedy on his mangled brain cells--->> and that is to "IGNORE" him and slap him with the most nasty and harrowing "screech"of sarcasm.

P/S. Pardon me if there are too many "vulgar" and inappropriate words and expressions in this post. There is no intention of stereotyping anyone, nor the purpose of "insulting" the subject publicly. My post is my escape for me not to explode in front of those disrespectful students.