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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Cheap Accent

He's Nothing But A Bugger

Gosh, I wanna kick myself for being so bubble-headed with his bland compliments! What had I been thinking when I believed in everything he uttered? Yup he was nothing but one of those typical jerks who thought he could get any nice girl around for his Spanish accent. Urrgh alright I admit it... I fell for him and you would laugh at me for being so naive. Darn... well I don't wanna hear anything from him anymore. But you know what if he was really that smart and sophisticated, a man enough who knew how to respect a woman's feeling then he wouldn't say HI to me after one month of not having any communications.  And I have also observed that whenever I share something, he tries to ignore it... I can't stand his attitude, effin jackass! He thought that because I have been nice to him and sound pathetic, I am already gullible, dopey and brainless. 

Well, tell you what he isn't that good-looking but he thought so because I treated him like Channing Tatum. He wished... yeah that Christmas day would be the last time I would talk to this "donkey". I knew I am not hot, nor pretty but I am not desperate enough to sleep with an ambitious stranger like him who pretends to be cool in front of a teacher. I still value my dignity and I deserve someone better who would awe me as a person and not see me as nothing but an easy girl. 

This blog is a slap to his dumb poker face to that day he reads this post. Aww, I am still lucky I didn't fall on his trap...such a numb-skull he is.  

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