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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Freaky Frikkie

24 hours

Should I say, I'd hold you up in the next few seconds, and
Take you to the jars of wild, Vietnamese wine.
Are you worried, you would end up this way?
Listen, my dear...please think of the Bastille Day,

In which stray, spring souls fritter away their vigor,
To surfeit their suppressed urge,
Of embracing the moonlit, passionate big dipper.
No matter how broken their hearts maybe in search,

For the right one, yet every single night,
Those spirits are jumping off the verge of fright.
That one gloomy day, they'd find themselves alone,
At the darkest, bottle of velvety Cabernet Sauvignon!

Now I have your deal, to get crazy and "Frikkie", (freaky)
For only 24 hours, will you promise,
You would behave and follow me,
With all your might until your flabby limbs couldn't resist!

Come, let's sloppily  blow the cork of vengeance and despair.
Because life is too short to chase the untamed love story in the past.
Get up, keep walking until we see the sunny pier...
There you'll thank me for not pushing you into the crowd of "lost" caste!

I was once asked what would I do to a friend if I had him for 24 I made him a poem instead.  Hahhaha!

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