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Friday, 27 December 2013

Pick-Up Lines 101

Class Activity:  Pick-up lines

As a part of a Vietnamese conservative culture, it is unlikely to get a particular pick-up line for any situation.  But I believe that norms and standards have changed overtime, I meant Asian teenagers are as liberated and open-minded as of those western adults. 

One cold morning, I came up with three situations good enough for unexpected lines students would wildly think of. 

1.  Pick-up line on your first date.
2. Mom caught you watching porn.
3. A "gay" at the gym trying to touch your private parts. 

Here are some photos, and you decide whether it is inappropriate to get this topic in school apart from the books students are using to improve their English skills. I didn't say that they are awesome for their opinions, but sure I 'respect' them for being honest and bold at least. This isn't either a way of encouraging the kids to learn most of the slang, I always make sure they're always reminded when and how and to what extent they can use those stinky words and expressions. 

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