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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Sending Warmth to Istanbul

Dad Makes Our World

Well I had the best day ever because one of the managers in Al Fresco's spoiled me with my own "set" meal...thanks! I remember the facial expression of that guy 12 o'clock from my table...he simply stared at me every other minute while my taste buds were gloating the chicken-wing barbecue, potato wedges with spaghetti bolognese and vegetable salad. After the quick lunch, I shopped for pink boxers in Surfer's Paradise because they were on 70% sale...hey "boxers" are more comfortable and sexier when worn by women. 

Then I kicked in the bookshop for "baby's" postcards and other stuff...and to complete the season's greetings, I dropped by Big C supermarket for coffee, tea and natural cacao. Of course I never end each day without my Hazelnut Jelly freeze in Highlands while busy chatting with the "panther" Frikkie and laughing like idiot in front of too serious wrinkled faces around the brewer. Well, this guy is really awesome that we couldn't stop talking until 8pm Ha Noi time zone. Till next time my dear friend!

So here are some shots of my simple greetings to the future daddy who would make his angels' world in a few months. Hope I'd be able to meet them soon.

Love lots,


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