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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Siblings on the Gleeful Fixie

Shadows of Miracles 

Wednesdays seem to be my day off because it is the only "heyday" of the beavering week teaching young adults who always grumble for being exhausted in class when in fact I never give any of them homework nor back-breaking exams. Well, students will never appreciate the benefit of giving themselves a chance to at least spare a bit of their time indulging their naked, empty souls to a sneak peek of the next lesson's script with their lonely, crumpled textbook at the messy, dark corner of their room. Anyhow, I used to care, but not anymore... I'm jaded! Sometimes, I think that this job has turned out to be really dull and tedious, so I don't give a damn no more. But somehow, I am still thankful to God for having a good and decent work, though, each day is a struggle that I can't even take some snaps of my surroundings while chasing the sun to hide its perfection in the hills like I used to! 

But you know what, miracles do really happen whether in its smallest way of "thumping" our egos or slapping us with the brighter side of life. I'll tell you why...lemme share with you how grateful I have been for feeling awesome despite the miserable attitudes of some people around me. Alright... this morning, while waiting for the bus to Ha Noi, I felt like a blank tablet, my horrible headache almost knocked me off the ground and my eyeballs couldn't move that I was just staring at the moving objects coming from different directions of the busy,dusty,narrow streets in Hoa Lac. Everything was black and white shadows of those disturbing sounds around me... UNTIL I saw a colorful and gleeful fixie full of content and happiness from those vulnerable, frail souls of must be "siblings" on it. 

Though, they were far from where I was standing, I was so sure that the boy who drove that bike was confident enough that the girl at his back was safe while they were enjoying their chitchats of random stories in which I wasn't certain if they were excited to go home, or might be talking about how their teacher scolded them for not paying attention in class that they found it funny, or maybe the simple feeling of gratitude that at long last, they would be able to play "spin" this afternoon. The echoes of their giggles and innocent chuckles came into my whole well-being like a supernatural phenomenon in which I couldn't help but grab its beauty and genuine promises of love and appreciation. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to keep an image of that magical moment, but I could still clearly recall how those kids turned into morning wonders like a roseate beam of dawn rustling in my dreams asking me to get up and make each day meaningful and extraordinary! 

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