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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

12 Months of Love

The Twelve Angles of 2014

Countdown... in two hours it is 2014 here in Asia. I wholeheartedly embrace the good vibes this year brings me whether here in Ha Noi, or to my family back in Cebu and or to all my friends and loved ones all over the globe. I prepared a small table of Vietnamese sticky rice, chicken, caramel, wine, kiwi, chocolates and cheese. My heart is supposed to feel lonely for this very special evening but instead it beats so fast, and excited  for the year ahead. All I need is a night of silent prayer and thanksgiving to welcome the new chapters of my life. 

Since I don't have much for tonight, I came up with twelve different angles which represent each month's happiness and prosperity.  Here they blessed!


Bountiful  February

Lucky and Healthy March

Awesome April Wanderlusts

May of Success
 June of  Amazing Ventures

Crazy Photography July

Financial and Career Surprises AUGUST

 September (my month) Overwhelming Proposals

Mama's Another Healthy, OCTOBER

Sweetest NOVEMBER Cuddles

DECEMBER  of Never-Ending Giggles


  1. How time flies by...I haven't even seen this post before... of course as you know I don't read your blog religiously hahha... I just feel sad looking back and see how things used to be... :(
    ~ sillylittlefool

    1. i hate him soooooooooooooo much huhu :(