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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Muffins and Vodka

Happy Holidays

This post is for the people I love from my family back in the Philippines mom, dad, siblings, nephews and nieces, to my best friend, sister Sofie in Canada, the ever-loving +Lovinni in Doha, my daughter Barbie and her loved ones in Tokyo, my sister Ellen and her family in New York, Geleen my buddy, partner in crime and soul sister in Bahrain, the painter, hot guy (LOL) +Frikkie in Johannesburg who has been giving me too much laughter and my best friend, brother baby duck "Baryam" from Istanbul.  Well, I still have more... +Eva C. my best friend and sister in G+, as well as +T Brown, +D Denman, and the new lovely lady Roxy May. I am not sure if this page is enough to mention them all but I will try my best. In fact I still have +Deha Serdar from Istanbul, +Junko Fuji an awesome Japanese mom, +Suan Gon and +Phat Kassab whom I believe unique French ladies in my circle and of course +Ghazi Riman my favorite painter from Bahrain...and +Steve Ramsay, too. 

Here are more and one of the most important people in my life and to start with I have +Pamela Viernes who has put up with me through ups and downs and my prayer partner. And in Vietnam I have my one and only younger siblings +Le Tung and +Pylot.  Hola to more love of my life... to my son +Kien in Da Nang, the fastest driver and my travel companion +Mateo, my ever loyal friend +Cecile.

How about my brothers and sisters in Christ? Let me tell you that they are also Singaporean mom +Gracia, my ultimate Australian crush +Tim Middleton and Mr. Afternoon Nap, Jesse from Canada and I won't finish it without the South African perfection +Yvette and to Pastor Nelson from HIF and +Larry O'dell from the U.S. who always thought that my profile pics are awesome..Haha! 

Gosh my heart beats so fast to my daughter (student) +Quan Thu Phuong who has been looking for a dad..Haha! Oh I almost forgot, my Thai friend +Boonmee Kanphai and my ever loving fan and love +Goldameir Ybarley who has been with me whoever I turn to be...I just love this lady. Not to mention... my "beatfriend" former student in Hoa Lac Duy who is always ready to hunt idiots with me, and Bes Sof (My) the most talented girl in the campus and yes my photographers +Khang Panda and Duong Dut De. Ohhh  have I told you that I also have a personal and the sweetest nurse in the campus, Lan Anh? 

Yes, call me crazy and dumb...I won't forget the mean guy (J.M.) who "once" made me whole for even just a few hours.  He isn't here and we don't usually talk but he is special to me...though I know that he doesn't give a damn on how I feel like an idiot missing him each day. Anyhow, my very good friend Frikkie the panther has been there to cheer me up and I thank God for that. One day, I will get over that mean guy... amen? 

These muffins, M and Ms, and bottles of wine are for you all my love! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! God bless you from all walks of life.  I am very thankful to the Lord for having such great friends, siblings and family. 

Enjoy the photos and please don't shoot me for the different angles. Hugs!!!