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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Walnuts and Apple

grilled scabbard fish
800k vnd for winter

Saturday Escape
I went nuts first thing in the morning today! The bank had me waiting for almost 30 minutes, only  to find out that they ran out of Western Union forms so they couldn't process my transaction. Ridiculous! Well, I had to spend an arm and a leg for the cab and wasted too much time looking for another branch for which they couldn't even give me any idea where the nearest bank was. Oh yes, I found one and it was a pain in the neck to instruct the driver the way because I didn't know the exact address but I knew how to get there. Huhu! Finally they were able to attend to my needs but it took them almost an hour to fill the information sheet out for the control number.  What a day! 
wallnut and apple
scarf 100k from the flea market
Hmmnn... didn't have any idea where to go after, and ended up going to Indochina Plaza in Xuan Thuy Street and there... a flea market welcomed me and I bought a scarf to add up to my collections. Then had lunch in Sushibar, bought a bottle of blueberry shower gel in Yves Rocher, dropped by at The Body Shop for a lip shimmer, then had my coffee in Highlands where I got ticked off with the darn bartender as she kept asking me the same question to confirm my order even if I already pointed it in the menu. OMG! 

By the way, before I went home, I got a pair of shoes as I have been looking for reasonable  ones as it is getting colder in Ha Noi, and most of my "matches" are already worn out through the seasons. 

Here are some photos of the day! 

seaweed salad

toothpick (tam)

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