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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Good Morning Angkor

Second Day (Breakfast Tour)

Had an hour, two-stop breakfast tour this morning and it started with a Cambodian chicken porridge which was slightly different from the usual Asian style because it wasn't sticky. Well, that was just fine before the driver took me to Khmer sandwich. He did me a favour to drop by the Old market nearby and was able to take some shots and picked up some banana and jack fruit chips. Actually, I wanted banana crepes but he thought I was looking for banana chips...Haha! 
Cambodian non-sticky chicken porridge

usually goes with the porridge

keeps the bread hot 

second/last stop for breakfast

ready for the rice cake

woman preparing for the rice cake

they said these are rice cakes, too

the Old Market

she was  the queen LOL


too much slaughtered chicken :((

how about a little selfie??? haha

ordering a long macchiato

hanging tip basket

the biggest dream catcher i've seen 

Hmmnn  now I'm going to enjoy Haruki and my coffee at the terrace and get ready for the sunset tour with all you can eat in Tara later this afternoon. For the meantime, enjoy the humble photos I had this morning. Have a wonderful day, everyone!


  1. Hi Sue! i forgot ur in cambodia now! lovely photos. Im trying to reach u. I need to confirm urgently regarding my flights. Please get in touch with me today asap. ;)