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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Panther Tuesday

Monday- April 14, 2014

It rained all day and I wouldn't wonder why I had a very good excuse not to go out besides the fact that I wasn't feeling really well. I've been thinking a lot lately maybe because I got something physical and quite personal in which am a bit worried about. But no worries, I'll be fine...God is great all the time. "No weapon formed against me, Panther, my family and friends shall prosper in Jesus' Name!"

Yowww Panther,

Hope you had a wonderful start of the week...I declare safety and lots of love and smile for the week ahead. Hugs from Teddy and Susan.

We're om our 101st song: You Are The One by Toni Gonzaga

Note: photo of the day will be uploaded in the next few days HUHU shame on me...

 Tuesday- April 15, 2014

Today, I was kinda productive because I sorted some very old stuff from my suitcase I left a few years ago. Guess what I've found... some very special,  old notes from friends, memories of Starbucks from the collectors items to the letters from my close friends  scribbled in those tissue papers. Amazing...I was also able to get some "antique" cassette tapes, Korean Cds in which I wouldn't admit that I used to like K-Pop, and of course my favourite classics. Since I couldn't take them to Vietnam, I decided to take some photos get them uploaded once am back in Ha Noi. 

By the way, the weather is still gloomy and it's already dark at 4pm...huhuhu makes me really feel sad, too. :(


"Hey, it's officially missing Panther and the campers Tuesday!"  Arrghhhhhhhh...hugs and kisses from us. Woaa be safe always..don't forget coffee and your beautiful smile. Miss your laughs OMG seriously. 

Your 102nd  song: Sweet  Child O' Mine by Guns N Roses

"I know you always make me feel really special and THE prettiest...thank you sooo much!" Luv ya lots....mwaahhhh! 

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