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Monday, 7 April 2014

Warm Monday

Yeah, I woke up at 9am Manila time, and as usual I could overhear mom complaining why I was still asleep that late. "She must be tired from the flight yesterday", my aunt said. No, am not sure..really I wanna go to the beach this afternoon and take some photos and share how laid back life is supposed to be in this countryside. Let's see what my shutter can do when I get to the old church later and see the afternoon sun by the beach where I used to play with my high school friends during lunch. 

There wasn't really a wonderful memory in that place, except the cold breeze  which gets into my veins everytime I passed by the public cemetery on my way home with all those scary ghost stories the villagers had been told about. Hmnn tell you what, I won't go there alone later, LOL will be with my 8 year-old niece. 

Note: will update the photos once I get proper internet connection...

Panther's 94th song is: Whistle by Florida

Hey Panther!

Oh well, this is my second day here and the breeze is really warm but anyhow I grew up here so it's easy to cope with the sound of the angry waves at dawn. The only thing that has changed in this town is the very noisy vehicles and the congested huge houses owned by whites. Arghhhh..I'll have mine, too in a few weeks. LOL 

We miss you so much and will always think of you. Luv ya lots! Hugs and Kisses from Teddy.

And btw am gonna kick some people's ass once they make you really tired today. Always remember to drive safer my luv. Mwah!


  1. sue, just let me know if ul be staying in Cebu, u are always welcome at my house. please send me ur contact numbers... :)

  2. lovely salamat uu niabot ko adto sunday hapon. wala man ko number pero mo adto city kay kuha ko ug OEC. hayy kapoy. naa pa ko gi asikaso nga yuta.

  3. just let me know para ma heads up nako sila momy. hey can u please get a number? i need to call u before my trip! or diri ra ko mo chat nimo? can u receive my messages in viber/we chat/email?

  4. asa pede mo kuha ug OEC sa cebu lovely? HUHU

  5. ang office naa sa gorordo ave, near cic main. atbang sa jollibee mango. the building used to be insular life. thats the new owwa office.