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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Bakong Village

Bakong village is an hour and a half by jeep from the centre of Siem Reap. People are nice, honest and soulful and they welcome visitors with a very warm "Hi" especially those fragile smiles of the kids on the way. The community is small and peaceful and the main livelihood is farming rice, veggies, lotus flowers and selling at the local wet market. 

I also found out that children stop school at grade four because parents can't afford to send their children to primary schools. The guide said that there weren't any volunteers in the village because it was far and as much as they wanted to get English teachers for instance, no one was willing or perhaps it was hard for them to find any. 

While I was on the jeep on the way to another village, I saw kids with their very old, dirty uniforms and yet they didn't look like the rich children out there who were full of regrets, frustrations and disappointments. They seemed to be very contented with what they have that they could still wear the happiest and most genuine SMILES anyone could imagine. I thought of going back and see what I could do. 

I know that this isn't the only place that needs help, there are too many in this "corrupt" world and blame the poor for their being poor. Well, I still believe that love conquers all and if you happen to READ this POST, hopefully you're one of the miracles for this community full of beautiful souls. 

Here are the photos. But please pardon me if I had to post some which aren't really good to see. Anyhow, God bless all of you and let's try to reach out and be a gift to them one day. 

this will be your palm tree sugar

lemongrass for a few cents 

i bet we need English teachers here

the local wet market

stop complaining for not having pizza :(

not sure but i think this is some kinda fermented fish

smoked fish

dried fish

she must be at school not here :(

a temple in the middle of the forest

she loved to be captured

he was kinda now u complain u don't have clothes? think!

a pre-school... YES this is where they learn

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