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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Little Town

 April 08, 2014/Tuesday

It was the same ordinary day at the little town...and being away from technology is a great thing  because you won't get stressed out with email notifications and some other online related stuff.  If my brother-in-law didn't call early, I wouldn't wake up until 9am. Anyhow, I just hope that  errands and other stuff especially the translation would be done soon before I go back to Ha Noi. Somehow, I miss my  crib in the dormitory maybe because mosquitoes in the neighborhood never spare me a little blood. Haha! 

Dear Panther,

Hope all is well with you and the campers...and praying that you're always safe and remember to drive safer. We miss you...hugs and kisses from me and Teddy. 

Your 95th Song:  I Turn To You by Christina Aguilera   

 My apologies if I havent updated the photos yet...", anyhow, you know that I could always turn to you no matter what. Thank you so much. Hugssss! 

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