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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Harsh Isn't It?

Tuesday-April 22, 2014

Those weeks have been very harsh to me...from the horrible internet connection, to being physically unwell until two days ago when I felt like I could breathe better than the past few hectic and boring mid days. All I need is a stable connection because I have something very important to translate, and my way of communicating while am in my town is thru mails and skype. But it seems like technology hasn't been so nice to me since I left Cambodia. 

Missing Panther like Crazy

Woaaa...I have the feeling of missing almost half of my life since March because of the very unstable means of communication. Luv, we miss you much and Teddy is sending lots of hugs and kisses from Cebu. Love ya lots, too from Susan.

Your 109th song: Sing by Ed Sheeran

Photo of the Day: Luv You

Wednesday- April 23, 2014

Here I am again in this city where am surrounded by modern sky scrapers and luxurious shopping malls. One of them is the Ayala center, one of the most well-known malls where cafes, and all imported shops are here. BUT behind its being peaceful and expensive, YOU wont expect to get an at least stable internet connection. This is what I miss about Vietnam where free, fast and stable wifi is anywhere. 

Mind you, I purchased an internet card from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for 195 pesos or almost 10$ but I haven't been able to connect until now. Am still using the on/off free Ayala Mall wifi. Should I return the card? Dammit! 

Hey Luv,

I know that I'll also miss my family so much once I go back to Vietnam, but my heart is telling me to fly back soon so I could finish my personal stuff there without having a pain in the neck. By the way, thanks again for including me in your mighty prayers...HUGS and Kisses and lots of luv from me and Teddy! Mwah...

Panther's 110th song: Top of the World by The Carpenters

Awwww luv, I know how it feels to laugh out loud with you...miss you lots from Cebu! 

Photo of the Day: The History


  1. wala parin progress sa free wifi in manila? >.<