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Friday, 25 April 2014

She's Blessed

Thursday April 24, 2014

I wasn't so successful processing my OEC because I didn't have the Work I ended up the nearby internet cafe to send the HR an urgent email for the scanned work permit. This is insane because I live four hours from the city center and I can't just go back the next day. God, help...well I feel good because the cafe is playing Christian songs. Awww this saves my Day!

God is really good because when I got back to POEA, there were hundreds of OFWs queuing, and guess what the assessor didn't let me queue again. Well, that wasn't the only surprise I had, while busy looking for the right document basket, I ran into my long lost very good sister and friend, Goldameir, OMG! Alright lemme get you straight...we finished at 12noon and we headed to SM for lunch. 

Since, I couldn't get back to Oslob anymore because it was way late, I went back to Lovinni's mom and slept over for the second night. Thank God they had been really nice to me and treated me more than a family. 


Hey Panther, you know what I've already prepared a little scrap book for you and the campers. Thanks for always being there whenever I need you. Love u lots from me and Teddy! Be safe always love! Hugs and Kisses to the Campers...

Your 111th song is: Like a Rose by A1

"This is how you always treat me...thank goodness I've believed I've already found my crazy half and soul from you! "

Photo of the Day: Here I Am


  1. hi sue! im glad the docs are done send me ur updates! ;)

  2. naa na ko tickets lovely haha kaso mali naman ang spelling ng middle name tapos nung friday ko pa un sinend e wala pang reply ang ababe nakakaloka sia ha

  3. omg...nabuing! wen ang travel date? sue cheaper ra ba kids clothing sa VN?