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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Your 90th song

Was really exhausted from the Angkor sunrise tour this morning that after lunch at 1130pm, I slept until 530pm. That was awesome though because I had enough rest to walk at 8pm to the night market again to pick some souvenirs. Will upload the temple photos on my next post. Now, am getting ready for the one day village trip tomorrow. 

My Panther,

We always wish that you were here... and you know what each time I step on the tuktuk's pedal I imagine you are with me laughing out loud while managing to yawn as wide as we could for staying up late the other night because of some random stories. Wouldn't it be lovelier if we can stroll the villages, cities and towns together? Someday...soon hugs and kisses from Teddy and muffins from Susan. 

We're on your 90th song: Because You Live by Jesse McCartney

"My world is brighter and more  exciting."


Photo of the day: Angkor Sunrise Drama

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