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Thursday, 2 January 2014



Gosh, finally I was able to catch up with my soul sister, Sofie. I had been bugging her in wechat and in instagram and I didn't stop until I got her a few minutes ago in Skype. Awww...  I so missed her that I wanted to curse her 4G provider for having a very slow connection. Anyhow, I pray that she will have a much healthier year ahead, will finally meet the love of her life and achieve her goals and dreams. 

By the way, now I am feeling much better and I'm very excited for this year because I have already declared that God has something in store for me which will sweep me off my feet. My heart beats so fast feeling the strong energy of the tick-tock heading to the new chapters of my vulnerable, feminine side of my autobiography. Isn't it exciting? 

Good morning from Ha Noi!

Am definitely taking a Leap of Faith in 2014

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