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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Travels and Appetites In Vietnam

I have just thought of sharing the best part of my travels in Vietnam from the the central, the West, East and the South. This country has been giving me too much of its beauty and patience. One of the most exciting part in my VN wanderlusts is the food, coffee,wine of various types, aside from the lessons in life it has offered me. Sometimes, before I close my eyes, I still remember how I gloated each seasoning from the traditional delish to the typical asian and of course the western kitchen. Life is simple yet awesome and I have too much to thank the Lord for these experiences. Well I could say that I sometimes regret for being lazy taking photos of all those countless tastes I had stuffed my face with. Anw, have some of my adorable appetites! I promise to share more when I get back to my being a vagabond.