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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mid-Autumn Festival (Tuyen Quang)

Mid-Autumn Festival (Tuyen Quang)

Tuyên Quang is a province of Vietnam, located in the northeastern part of the country to the northwest of Hanoi-a three-hour drive from the city center.  The place is known for its unique mid-autumn festival. And this year, I meant tonight 18th September, the town will try its best to get the Guiness World Records for the biggest Mooncake! 

Anyhow, the best part of the trip was the fact that I had a chance to meet Kien's parents and grandma.  We left My Dinh at 1430 yesterday and since the van was quite slow, we arrived Tuyen Quang late. Thanks to Kien and his family for taking me to a delicious and bountiful dinner. Then "pogi" and I headed to the glittering floats with the bustling crowd. We went back home  at 1030pm after coffee. This morning, we were exhausted but we managed to do the routine in Hoa Lac. 

Enjoy the shots! 



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