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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Mooncake Partee!

My bad.... I didn't mean anything literally. It's just that I can't help but thank God for being so blessed. Last night, Khanh came all the way from Ha Noi to Hoa Lac as he promised to have a a small late birthday escape. No kidding! "Hello dad, yes I am in Hoa Lac right now because it's Sue's day.", on the phone. Yeah we had fun with some other thoughtful kids though, without Nam Hai (but anyway he left me the sweetest Bas Armagnac DeLord 1959) Haha..and Khanh handed me a box of mooncake...might be because the moon festival is on its way. 

Oh btw, the "I do" background is the wooden photo frame with a bridal card my daughter gave me the other day (as I mentioned in my previous posts)! Haha...hey I am not married..never had kids but got a lot of children for teaching English all my life! LMAO.  More on the treats in two hours...for the meantime enjoy the snaps.

----image stabilizer OFF
-------image stabilizer ON 

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