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Monday, 30 September 2013

Send Me a Siren

I'm Not Used To It

Will he bother pick his nose for a howdy-do in the next few days? Or am I just trying to outwit the beast in me? Uhmmm I am not trying to breathe-in the most negative air to my veins, but honestly my tiny, clever brain cells can't help but get ticked off with the idea that I haven't heard from him for almost a week now. For men, this isn't too long to kill a woman waiting for her  pirate to dock as soon as the weary sun goes down.

 How much space does a "real" and sincere man need to realize a fragile colleen's worth? This isn't being overly sensitive to gender-related issues of whom should care the most, but I believe that men should know better as they were created physically and mentally strong, still, and  adamant though most of the time stubborn and proud. If I could only turn back the golden hour I met him in that stinky, humid, dusty fishing hinterland, I would stop the hourglass so to be with him up until dawn when the planets align with the Pyramids in the East! 

Before I decide to shut off, please tell me you also care and feel my drained heartbeat even for just a single hiccup your yawn makes. I miss you so bad...mean guy, and will always will. 


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