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Sunday, 29 September 2013

You Almost Broke My Shutter

The Sunset in the Campus

"Oh, God please kick my spirit out of this stinky, hot, jampacked bus!", I murmured with regrets.  So, yes I went to church this morning, had "oyako don" with some friends in Sushibar and hit BooSua for a "Men's" blue shirt, jumped down to Yves Rocher for my favorite coconut moisturizing scent, filled in my basket at the Korean baker and ended up having that annoying customer service experience in Highlands Coffee (IPH-HN). 

As soon as I breathe in my little, messy flat, I immediately grabbed my shorts and my 60D to chase the naughty, super sun which was on its way to the west. I thought it was too early to catch up with its I had a sip of lemon tea in Ally then headed to the street in a few. On the way, I kept taking sort of my own "creative" shots which turned out to be the most boring when I saw them in my tablet. Well, anyway I ran as fast as I could but it seemed that the "king" of the dusk was too quick to hide itself in the shadow of the jungle. All I could feel was the slap of my droopy feet and numb soles when I reached the supposed to be "perfect" view for this afternoon's snaps. Darn, how could I be so clumsy and stupid....huhu! 

Lesson learned: Make sure to ride on the last journey of the golden hour as fast as you could! 

Here are the unedited shots...please bear with my weakness. I promise to work harder next time.



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