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Friday, 6 September 2013

She's Into You

She is Yours

That lulling, tranquilizing pitch of classical music in Cafe Newday pricks my heart while whooping  a snifter of Vietnamese Milk coffee with "Snow-Ice"- wondering where the snow is. Again, I am spoiling myself with the hush blow of the zephyr of the  angry waves along Da Nang beach. Thanks to my one and only brother Pylot for patiently driving me to Thai delish and finally to the cafe by the ocean.  

"I was heedful to cuddle or kiss you for I was scared I wouldn't be able to stop", thinking about him since last night. These mixed emotions are killing me! "What would you do if you miss someone but you don't wanna tell him, because you're simply pushing the panic button thinking that he doesn't miss you?", writing a personal message for J.M.  No, I am not expecting for any reply coz I know that I shouldn't. If there's another magical day, I would hover it with him, showing my real agressive emotions of burning desires to feel his chubby tummy, sweet lips and scent and nod off with his manly voice like a potion to forever illusions of being in love.  "Would there be another mythical day for both of us to meet again?", puzzled. 

They say that prayers change things, and God moves in mysterious ways. So this morning, I followed the longest, shiniest moonbeam to heaven asking the Lord a favor to tell "J" that my heart is missing him so much, since I  still don't have the nerves to bug him with my pueril, unsophisticated  insanity. 

I hope that in one of his delusions, he would  sense my silhouette as I gently whisper in his troubled eardrum, "Hey, this young lady in pink sportsback, with her jaded eyelashes, drolling into your pinups is naturally, awefully, roughly into you! 

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