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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Sunrise Photo Tour and Workshop

Sunrise Photo Tour and Workshop

A few days ago, a French photographer's blog caught my attention while wandering around the Travel Community in G+. His blogs mainly tackled about how to get close to people in villages to get the best close-up portraits. Well, there was nothing new with the article but something deep inside my soul which pushed me to dial the keypad and give the blogger a call. In the afternoon, I decided to book tickets for Chu-Lai. Wow, that was quicker than the wicked brown fox under my desk! Honestly, this trip wasn't in my budget and it obviously ruined my savings. Anyhow, this also gave me a chance to meet all sorts of people on their most exciting walks of life through travelling and photography. And, yes I met the "guy" which left me short of breath for he made my heart beats again after two years. Woooooo! 

Enjoy my random and humble yet soulful shots taken at the fishing village in Hoi An. Each snap gives me lessons in life especially appreciating a simple life God has given to us. 

Sunrise by the boat, beavering locals in the area, (JM) the mean guy, Peter, and the rest of the participants in the workshop. 

     ---this lovely woman gave me a very innocent and fragile smile, grabbed my hand, held it tight and kissed it. ohhhh. heart-stirring :(         
---almost the last stop of the tour-fish sauce company (u might want to hold your breath) but J and I seemed to enjoy the smell hahaha weird!
---thats Peter-the instructor giving lectures on low light, exposure and aperture values...
----huge barrels of salted fish waiting for its sauce heheh

---now were heading to the pier and on the way you will see busy women with these trays of boiled anchovies ready for drying under the scorching sun and salty sea breeze! 

---this is the mean guy hahahah i bet he doesn't like bridges by the lake, does he? :))
--on the ferry on our way back to the pier





  1. Magical moments! Omg! I wanna go there hahahah

  2. hahahaha Geleen ano ba un diba hahah nakakaloka lang woaaaa