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Monday, 23 September 2013

He Thought "Susie" is Cute


Yes, I asked him how and where did he get the idea of calling me Susie. "It just sounds cute", the mean guy replied. I still remember the first person who called me this name...Gerlie who was really close to my heart, who passed away a few weeks ago. Uhmm..I love the name though especially because the tongues which whisper the "name" are parts of my everyday dreams and ambitions. 

Last night while I was sitting, sipping and gloating my chocolate tea, I received emails from my one and only South American mean guy. It was really thoughtful and nice of him to share some awesome snapshots he took the other night. Oh "Brisbane"! One day, I would enjoy the place holding his hands tightly under the gleam of the street lights, and the shadow of the full moon by the glittering bridge in the Gold Coast. God, he means the world to me, no kidding! "It is always great to know you more", he wrote. That was the most motivating line I have ever read. Thank you Jhon, I feel the same way, too. 

Here are the shots he shared...enjoy!


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