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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sue's Crib

Collectible Mugs

Uhmm I just thought of sharing some of my sort of gift mugs from special friends...they have me collect and keep these stuff. Well, envy me for the cuteness overload? 


1. This is a gift from Giang Joung and since I love pink...there the crib indeed is my color.

2. This mug was a birthday gift from Lan Anh on my 31st birthday together with a piece of music she made herself with her piano. Awesome!
3. I Love Manila mug was from Jet on his short escape to Manila, Philippines. Beautiful!
4. Got two angles of this mug for the sake of having our photoshopped faces on the shot. The pic was taken two weeks ago with my kids in Royal City, Ha Noi. Lovely! 
5. The last one is unique in a way that the one who gave me was someone "unique" too in his own little ways. Thang got this on his trip to Tam Dao a few months ago. 

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