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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Hola Mean Girl

Hola Mean Girl...

Gosh, he called me "mean" girl?! Uhmm I love it, though...because he's my one and only mean guy. I hope God allows us to hold hands once again with our plain vanilla whips. That feeling when you don't see anything around you except the gracefully dancing, pale, sugar-coated whispers which sweep away all your ambitious illusions. And by the way, that suit he has had tailored in Hoi An would only be used for either his Citizenship ceremony or horse racing? Well, I'm sure he would look gorgeous with those pairs...and maybe with a pure white horse? And...his being very humble makes me feel like, I won't be able to find anyone better than him in this world of hypocricy. I bet my heart only beats for him as of this moment...I miss him so much though, I am not sure whether he feels the same. 



  1. You're really in love... Hahhaa.... Maybe you both mean so much to each other.... Fingers crossed.. Lol

  2. oo ano ba un..haha buti nga talaga wala siang muwang sa blogs ko hahah...shocks oo nga tawagin daw akong mean e sia tong mean